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With more than 20 years of experience, our select team of experts provides sophisticated and meaningful solutions to help international families of exceptional wealth preserve and grow their financial capital as well as their human and intellectual family capital. Our solutions are designed to help clients create plans and structures for the successful transfer of wealth to the next generation.

At Perpetum, our approach is defined by a stringent set of ethical principles and a culture of service. Our client families enjoy a caring, personal relationship with their trusted advisors who maintain the highest standard of commitment and curiosity to fully understand the passions and purposes that drive each member of the families they serve.

A comprehensive wealth diagnostic is conducted for each of our client families followed by a customized service plan that is thoughtfully constructed and updated annually with the unique needs of each family in mind. The plan implementation is monitored and overseen by their Perpetum consultant and may include hand-selected strategic partners such as attorneys, accountants, asset managers, insurance professionals and financial planners, as appropriate. Our approach focuses on the family as a whole - fostering trust among the family and looking at wealth in a way that ensures a legacy.

What sets Perpetum apart is our belief that the most important aspect to preserve a family’s wealth is guiding each member and the family as a whole as they navigate through the complexities of wealth and their relationship with it. As our families establish a clear sense of purpose, they are inspired to take action and ownership of the preservation of their family’s wealth. 

Perpetum also offers administrative, transactional and succession planning services to a select group of families with complex and international patriarchal/matriarchal investments.

Our multi-disciplinary team’s top priority is to guide our client families in making well informed decisions in alignment with their goals and plans. Some of the benefits we provide to the families we serve include:

  • Clearinghouse for financial, investment, tax and estate planning ideas 

  • Coordination of professional advisers

  • Delivery of carefully selected money managers, custody, insurance, loans, etc.

  • Integration of the family’s estate planning, income taxes, investments and non-financial family situation

  • Streamline complex concepts and language using visuals and other tools to ensure families fully understand the key considerations and advice provided throughout specific decision-making process

  • Serve as trusted advisors and confidants to each family member

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