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Our services are designed to offer integrated solutions to ultra-high net worth international individuals and families. We provide customized service levels and confidentiality not available from larger product-driven financial institutions.

Perpetum has become a center of influence and stability to help families with exceptional wealth ensure the preservation and growth of their financial assets and family heritage. We aggregate and focus resources to facilitate a common interest in asset protection, cost control, financial education, among other multiple needs. Our services include:​

  • Family/multi-family office administrative services

  • Family continuity

  • Professional advisor oversight

  • Next generation


Our family and multi-family office services are structured to offer integrated, interdisciplinary services to ultra-high net worth individuals and families with customized service levels and confidentiality not available from larger product-driven financial institutions.​


  • Independence - we follow a “service delivery model” making us an objective provider of advice that places the interests of the family first.

  • Broad array of services aimed to provide families a thorough and accurate understanding of their financial universe including investments, tax situation, estate plan, and family dynamics. Through our expert advice and guidance, we help families to optimally structure and manage the totality of their financial universe.

  • Provide specialty guidance on specific aspects including income taxation, estate planning, investments, and international matters.

  • Work with the entire family across generations – the patriarch/matriarch, their children and grandchildren on planning and execution of wealth preservation strategies. The family’s goals are at the core of the planning process which typically include preservation of wealth through new generations in a tax efficient manner. Second and third generation family members are counseled on investments, taxes, and estate planning from an early age to become successful heirs.

  • Coordination and facilitation of family meetings.

  • Partner with investment, legal, financial, and tax specialists to ensure the family is advised by the appropriate experts.


Families are a dynamic entities composed of individuals with varying interests, abilities, needs and goals. By working with Perpetum, family members align and integrate through a framework that is designed to educate, encourage, empower, facilitate communication and understanding with the aim of preserving their wealth. 

Our approach toward families’ wealth preservation is based on three capital accounts: human, intellectual and financial capital.

Human Capital Development:

  • Prioritize the development needs of the family

  • Develop and implement strategies regarding continuity, transition planning, stewardship, and leadership development

  • Strengthen family communication and bonds

  • Facilitate the family decision making process

  • Understand family conflicts and work on negotiating resolutions

  • Create awareness and understanding of each member’s financial behaviors through financial assessments

  • Understand the purpose and passions that drive each member of the family

  • Plan, coordinate, and facilitate family meetings


Intellectual Capital Development:

  • Coach and mentor family members

  • Develop clarity on roles, rights, and responsibilities of family members including accountability measures to evaluate progress

  • Provide resources to family members as they search for meaningful, rewarding life’s work

Financial Capital Development:

  • Clarify the mission for the family wealth

  • Create, manage, and invest family wealth prudently, and in accordance with mission

  • Create and reinforce a family culture of financial stewardship


Though our advisors’ capabilities are vast, we partner with a select group of subject matter experts such as attorneys, accountants, asset managers, insurance professionals, and financial planners to ensure our client families receive the best advice form the right specialist.

Estate planning is a dynamic process. It involves not only an individual and their spouse but the entire family, and other stakeholders such as charitable organizations, which may be designated. It also involves assets (bank accounts, investments, real estate and personal property) along with the various forms of ownership and title that those assets may take. Estate planning decisions should be carefully coordinated as they can have a significant impact, both positive and negative for all beneficiaries.  We rely on our expertise to guide families through this dynamic and crucial process through:

  • Coordination of all professional external advisors (attorneys, accountants, private bankers, real estate professionals)

  • Annual estate plan strategy review

  • Advanced estate planning structure and review

  • Trustee selection, oversight and monitoring

  • Trust administration oversight and monitoring

  • Cost analysis and negotiation of trustee fees

  • Beneficiary education and mentoring

  • Development of estate planning objectives and implementation plan

  • Multi-generational snapshot of existing strategies

  • Detailed flow charts to model current and recommended strategies

  • Evaluation of real estate and personal property titling


From handing over family leadership to taking charge, the transfer of responsibility for the family’s wealth or business is full of unique challenges. We have developed the Center for the Next Generation to give younger family members the opportunity to explore and debate their future roles as family leaders. By attending our program, future family leaders will benefit from the experience, guidance, and coaching of our family wealth specialists. Our team of advisors includes heirs from ultra-high net worth families who provide unique insight and empathize with the Next Generation participants. Our exclusive one-year program is designed to help the next generation excel when their time comes to take on larger roles both within the family and the business. We help embers of our program:

  • Find their voice in a way that they can authentically identify their purpose

  • Understand their obligations, rights, and responsibilities

  • Develop a clear strategy to achieve their professional goals and become valuable contributors to the family

  • Implement their strategy and identify the right tools to achieve it

  • Work as a team with their family to actively preserve their wealth

To learn more about the Center for the Next Generation, please contact us.

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