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Veronica Yepez Reyna / CEO

Originally from Mexico City, Veronica has lived, studied and worked around the world in places such as Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Guatemala, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, the Netherlands and the U.S. Her exposure to these different lands and cultures expanded her perspective and developed her thirst for knowledge - that only few possess.

For nearly 20 years, Veronica has worked with individuals in both a legal and a financial capacity. throughout this journey, she has become an expert on the needs of ultra-high net worth families and is able to share their unique perspective - but more importantly she learned how the power of the family’s story can inspire its members.

As President of Perpetum Consulting, Veronica relies on her story discoverer skills to reveal the rich stories that often lay hidden within a family by listening, observing, refining and adapting. She has a gift for taking the passions and purposes of a family and providing them with the perspective necessary to inspire action and preserve their wealth. Veronica has a unique ability to learn and understand all the elements of a situation and put them together so that others can easily understand the big picture.

Veronica has translated the needs of several family-owned businesses into established management structures that allow them to accumulate and manage their wealth efficiently. She focuses on creating long term relationships with her clients and their advisors (financial, legal, accounting, and tax) in order to understand the family’s needs and goals for estate planning, wealth preservation, and management of their wealth across multiple jurisdictions. Her passion is to protect the family’s interests and support them in navigating the challenges inherent to succession, ownership change, wealth accumulation and its management.

Veronica has also developed Perpetum’s Center for the Next Generation, which educates, encourages, and empowers future family leaders for the transfer of the family’s wealth and/or leadership roles both in the family and the business. This exclusive one-year program assists the next generation in discovering their potential, developing their talents and using the skills they develop to preserve their family’s wealth.

Veronica, is co-founder of the World Wide Women’s Council (W3) aim to serve female inheritors on the rise of seeking solution driven dialogue to address personal and professional issues under the unique lens of the responsibilities and impact resulting from family wealth.

Veronica lives and works with a simple philosophy of “Work. Play. Do Good.” This is embodied through a dedication to exceeding expectations, experiencing the world with openness and eagerness, and empowering others for the greater good of the community. She lives in San Diego with her husband and sons.


  • JD, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)

  • MBA (International Business), Thunderbird School of International Management


  • Trust and Estate Practitioners (TEPs)


  • International Bar Association

  • The Society of Trust  and Estate Practitioners

  • The International Fiscal Association

  • The Purposeful Planning Institute (PPI)

  • Family Office Exchange (FOX)



  • The Inaugural Family Business Club Conference at Harvard Business School, “Integration: A Journey of Inner Growth that Transcends into More Powerful and Purposeful Family Enterprises”. Boston, MS – 2022

  • African Women in Family Business Annual Conference at African Family Firms “Reimagining Family Enterprises: A balance between masculine and feminine” – 2022

  • The Institute for Family Governance Annual Conference “The Rising Generation Perspective: How to Effectively Engage and Partner”. Miami, FL – 2021

  • Instituto BIVA, Bolsa Institucional de Valores, “Masterclass para Herederos de Negocios Familiares”. Cd. México– 2021

  • Instituto BIVA, Bolsa Institucional de Valores, “La Trascendencia de la Siguiente Generación en la Empresa Familiar”. Cd. México – 2021

  • Family Firm Institute, “Gathering Redefined: How the Pandemic has Shaped Family Communications” – 2021

  • The Latin America Family Office Summit, Roundtable on family office trends – 2021

  • The Purposeful Planning Institute Annual Conference Rendezvous, “Courageous Resilience: Thriving in Turbulent Times”. Denver, CO – 2021

  • Latin America Women in Finance conference, Roundtable – 2021

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