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About Us


Perpetum Consulting is a multi-family office created with the purpose of helping families ensure the preservation and growth of their wealth and family heritage.

With more than 20 years of experience, our select team of experts provides sophisticated and meaningful solutions to help international families of exceptional wealth preserve and grow their human, intellectual, and financial capital. ​


Family/Multi-Family Office Administrative Services

Our family and multi-family office services are structured to offer integrated, interdisciplinary services to ultra-high net worth individuals and families with customized service levels and confidentiality not available from larger product-driven financial institutions.

Family Continuity

The family is a dynamic entity composed of individuals with varying interests, abilities, needs and goals. By working with Perpetum, family members align and integrate through a framework that is designed to educate, encourage, empower, and facilitate communication and understanding with the aim of preserving their wealth.

Professional Advisor Oversight

Though our advisors’ capabilities are vast, we partner with a select group of subject matter experts such as attorneys, accountants, asset managers, insurance professionals, and financial planners to ensure our client families receive the best advice form the right specialist. 

Next Generation

From handing over family leadership to taking charge, the transfer of responsibility for the family’s wealth or business is full of unique challenges. We have developed the Center for the Next Generation to give younger family members the opportunity to explore, debate, and prepare for their future roles as family and business leaders.



We help families and their next generations of leaders access their true potential.
Contact Us

To learn more about Perpetum, please contact us at:

530 B Street Suite Suite 1870,
San Diego, CA 92101

+1 (619) 255 9560

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